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Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK

31.10.2015 Noticed that I have not added updates here, but have added Pepper, and a photo of Náli today ;)


24.2.2015 Have added picture's to Stella, Vani, Madame, Foxy....

22.2.15 Added new litter info, hopefully Foxy will have puppies

Added the kittens from D-litter to own pages, and some new pictures

added result of healthtesting of Saga and Teddy and new photos to Foxy's and Saga's page...

added new pics of Moriarty from cattery's C-litter


20.1.2015 added some news and pictures of the fourweek old new kittens. They are now 5 weeks and new pics will be in Facebook anytime. Check the cattery's own page!

10.11.2014 added news and worked on the page


15.8.2014 added link to dognet on the dogs, added sponsor logo, added death dates to Madame and Avis...

5.10. added pictures on puppies and some info

Small updates 2.10.2013, on news, puppies and kittens


29.4.2013 Moved the text and pictures from "Puppies" to s by Simba litter page, and added pictures of Thomba and an ad to the  Puppies-page. Thank you Jaana Husso fo the ad!

27.4.2013 corrected the date for Teddy´s insemination that was 29.3.2013. Added some text to Unna, Saga and Foxy, aswell as pics to Saga and Foxy. Completed Madame´s pedigree and added text. added Teddy´s picture and info

8.6. Changed again something in the looks, I can´t get this page to look nice, now the text is not showing fully, it is partly hidden... But we now have a blog so I will update it more than this page.

29.4 Madame's page text and pedigree, under construction.

25.4 some changes in text, and a new category added.

11.4 About us text added, try to change appearance of the site, frontpage picture added etc.

5.4 added news/uutiset category, changed  the text on Arvis´page

13.3.2012  I added the litterpedigree on the puppies page, added a new picture of Simba and modified the text

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