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Welcome! We are a small kennel and cattery with the breed rhodesian ridgeback and Oriental Short/Long hair Cat. We are located at Pikis (Piikkiö) in south-western Finland (about 25km from Turku).

At home are living 5 dogs, and there are a few on breeding contract living in their own homes. With us are also living three Oriental Shorthair cats (OSH from 2011) and one Oriental Longhair (OLH from 2012).

Our family is two children Alisa and Oliver and my boyfriend Jani. My first ridgeback I got 1996 but I have experience with the breed from even earlier. We mainly do showing, because there are not time for much else. Earlier I was active in obidience, agility, lurecoarsing and SAR.

You are most welcome to visite us and feel free to contact us if you have questions. We have litterplans every now and then, about 1-2 litter/year.  Updates every now and then, feel free to ontact me on facebook for personal contact. We speak both English, Swedish, Finnish and German. I am no pro with homepages so the language is English.

My interest in Rhodesian ridgebacks started when I was a small girl living next to the Finnish breeder Maria Björkas and her kennel Mbwasimba. Her Malabari Chimba was one of the first ridgebacks in Finland and I am happy he is included in my lines. He was one of the best built ridgebacks I have met in real life, strong and handsome yet with elegance and a beautiful gate. He also had the most stabile temperament. Later Maria introduced Gobe´s Malabari Chuma to her breeding and that was the foundationbitch of her kennel, a full sister to the famous Clay. Both Chuma and Clay were livernoses. Chuma is behind both of my foundationbitches as a grandmother and therefore behind my two lines.

The biggest reason I got into this breed was a young male called Rapidan´s Malabari Rif or just shortly Rif or Riffen. He had just arriwed to Finland from his homecountry USA when I visited Maria for the first time. The young puppy pulled my ponytail and stole my heart. He was my big love when I was a little girl. Maria trusted me to take Rif for walks and we had much fun together. He was the most funny, reliable friend, a big personality and I will forever be grateful I got to meet him. When Rif became a father, I was involved right from the start from the mating to the birth. But it was not decided I would get a dog from this litter. But when weeks went and Retta was without a home, my mother and I decided to buy a puppy. So my family got it´s  first dog, and I got really involved with dogs. I attended agility coarses, trained SAR, obedience and shows and went with bus and train across the whole capitalregion to match shows... Retta was a multitalented intelligent bitch that came a long with everyone. She was very lazy, and did things mostly if it suited her and competing in obedience with her was everything but easy. I trained her with treats, and when she didn´t get them, she did nothing. Retta´s full name was Mbwasimba Mahiri Retta, she was born 1996.

Maria has thought me almost everything about Ridgebacks that I know. There is thousands of hours spent watching videos from ridgebacks moving, studying pedigrees and breedbooks, commenting on pictures and photographs, and hours and hours of walks and trips to shows... Thank you for everything and for the many years I spent on your coach after school!

Later Linga came to my family, she was about 5,5 months old when Maria asked if I wanted her. She had the "wrong" colour and nobody that came looking for puppies wanted her. Linga was a livernose and probably the dog of my life. She was a big clown and not very smart, but she did everything with big passion. She loved showing, that was about everything we did together, teaching her something else was not easy. I remember trying to teach her to apport for about seven years, she always run happily after the thing I throwed, but got so happy that she forgot to bring the thing back. I tried to teach her to lie on  her side on command, that did not work because she got so excited that the furniture changed place... But we showed, and won and won... 2002 she was awarded the Finnish Ridgeback Club´s Gatekeeper troaphy being the most successfull showridgeback in Finland on 2001 years´s result. She also won the Finnish companion dog´s troaphy. Linga´s full name was Mbwasimba Marudi Lingana, she was born 1998.

When I moved away from home at 19 years of age, having met the man of my life on a showtrip to Sweden with Linga, I had no attentions of starting to breed. But the thought came into my head. And it got stronger. Retta was already on her elderly side, and Linga wasn´t ment to have puppies... But Retta was such a good dog. She was of superb temperament, was always  superhealthy... She was x-rayed with AA hips, but not for elbows. Sho I had an x-ray on her elbows at age 7, and they were clear. So I decided to give it a try, if she was too old for having pups, nature would probably stop it. She was grey, but in perfect condition. And she got 8 pups with c-sektion, the last one was found after her siblings and  was to weak to survive. Everything went well, she was a perfect mum and played and nursed her pups so well. I kept the only correct bitch from this litter, Madame. A few years later I got my kennelname Mahiri Retta´s, it was on a Valentines day!

Years went by, and it was ment that Madame would have puppies. I searched for a handsome male and found him in Heshima Ya Kimba Energy of Red. But Madame got her season two months to early, and she wasn´t even x-rayed yet, and she did not have her antibodies for rabies tested, so we couldn´s travel through Sweden. So I made an x-ray and it came out clear. I started plannig for flying to Germany and the planning of the trip went on every day. But when it finally came to my notice that the flightcage was to big for the plane, and we couln´t fly with the flight it was ment to, I gave up. I started looking for a pup to bring to Finland. Red had a lot of litters going on, and one caught my attention. The only litter that kennel Iris Garden in Czech ever have had. There was a cancellationpup, Arvis. He looked so nice and I could have him if I was interested.  Arvis came on a cold winter´s day to Finland. He was so little and scared, but after a while his true nature came out. He was a happy and supersweet pup with big bones and ears. Madame and Linga was so excited, finally a man in the house. The girls learnt him all of their dirty tricks, as for how to mate a bitch for example.

When Arvis was about 8months old Linga got her season. Arvis had just started to lift his leg. I kept the dogs apart and everything went fine. But one day I came home from work and took Arvis out to the backyard for pee. After him finnished I tied his leash to the appletrea and went in to take the girls out. Arvis was not fully housebroak at this time and as I found a big pool of water on the floor, I went to the bathroom to have things to sweap it off with. The same time I glaced out of the window and saw a nightmare. Linga was out at the appletree, and I tried to shout but it was too late. Arvis did what the girls had thought him. I immediately took my phone and called our veterinarian. He was of duty. I called the next one, and they told me they wouldn´t give the bitch an abortion shot. I would have to wait 4 weeks and then take her to ultrasound. And if she had the pups showing in her belly, then it was able to kill them. That sounded so horrible, so I decided that if nature wanted she would get the pups. I took an xray of young Arvis´hips and elbows, and it said he would have clear scores. The only thing I could do was to wait. If she had pups, they could be registrated first after Arvis official x-rays at age of 18months. And of coarse Linga was with puppies. This is how I got to have two foundation bitches. Both Retta and Linga were healthy bitches, they had nice conformation and had excellent temperaments.

I never used Arvis for Madame. Madame had other males and was spayed after her second litter from whitch I kept Foxy, my big dream of having a livernose from my own breeding. From Linga´s litter I kept Teddy and her sister Sashka. but as they got two they started to fight, and as Sashka had allergies and I had no breedingplans for her, I had to let her move to a new home. Teddy stayed and she has had three litter. The first öitter was three pups and the third only one AI. I am now planning for 2014. The future will tell the rest.

My ame is to breed ridgebacks that are good companions and are healthy and of nice built. I also want to keep the lines of my own dogs. If the day comes that I cannot breed further on my own lines, then I will probably stop breeding.

New for me is the cat breed Oriental Shorthair and Longhair. It begun 2011 with Ancient Galene (Pipa) and Ancient Gaia (breeding terms). 2012 I attended a breeding coarse. Pipa was such a nice cat, I think she was beautiful although she wasn´t that extreme as the best showcats today, and she had a super temperament. She was my son´s best friend, and was it from the day one. Pipa stole my heart when I visited the girls'  breeder Senia Falck. It was ment that only Gaia would move to our family, as I already had one housecat Ada. Ada is not at all social, and I wanted a cat like her mother "Katten". The oriental is very much in temperament what Katten, my first cat was. And with Pipa stealing my heart I decided to get two cats instead of one. Gaia was later spayed an Pipa's litter ended up with two surviving kittens and Pipa dead. But that is another story.

My cattery name comes from Pipa's official name Galene (as Mahiri Retta's came from Retta) The two kittens stayed at home and will have their own kittens, hopefully with better luck. Poju is my beautiful blueticked longhair male from Skazki cattery. I want to breed Oriental shorthairs that are healthy and with nice temperaments and I prefer the classic colours with or without white. I am against two narrow inbreeding and very big wide ears.

If you want to meet us, then you are most welcome!

Kind regards Jenny- photo from 1998, me and Retta

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