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S by Simba litter was born 17.6.2012

10 pups and 1 singlecrown male was stillborn. 4Males and 6females. The males were all registered not for breeding, 2 for cosmetic faults, 1 for kinked tail and one for megaeesophagus(wich luckily growed away) 1 female had multicrowns. All testicles down and ok bit, no dermoid sinus.

Teddy and Simba met 17-19.4.2012.

Fi Ch Mahiri Retta´s Shalimar "Teddy" and

 N Uch Exgate´s Unique Simba by Nelvis "Simba"

Simba is living in Norway, owner is Svein Habberstad, breeder Hege Dufseth (Exgate´s)

This is a nice couple. I think both have very nice looks and temperament. Both are friendly and kind with children, are happy, playful and also sensitive. They offspring have potential for being good dogs for showing, blood(field)tracking, and whatever the owner likes to do.

Simba is a very handsome male out of a super litter bred by Hege Dufseth. He is  70cm hight, weights 48kg. He is very strong in bone and conformation with good moving. He has full scissorbite and is scored free both on hips AA and elbows AA. He has sired already some nice litters and the offspring are very nice in conformation. It seems he leaves his superfront and rear and also nice croup. They are also strong in bones and has superb chests and ribcages.

Simba has a nice temperament and he comes along with also other dogs. He is sensitive, playful and kind and like children. I liked him a lot. He is a fun and happy dog. In shows he behave nicely and let the judge excam his teeth.  He does showtraining with his owner and has also tried fieldtrack and tracking. Fieldtracking he likes especially, so they will do it more

  Simba is a dog that is so hard to find any flaws on, you could write the breedstandard out of him. No wonder he caught my attention. I am sure he will give Teddy a fantastic litter!


More about him on his own homepage here


N Uch Exgate´s Unique Simba by Nelvis Ökensandens Star Nelvis Von Wasco Ch Djungelkatten´s Wasco Da Persbrandt Ch Ukukhanya Scout the Red Baron/Ch Zumeli´s Ashiki
Ahali Fani´s Skippy Witches Lecreme´s Trick/Ch Ökensandens Aminata Jarizza
Exgate´s Queen Tuija By Forrest Ch Ozrhode Ari Mystic Fate E T Ch Caprivi Inside Edge/ChOzrhode Midas Touch
Exgate´s Masked Madame Deschamp Zeus/Mashitela´s Chewy
Fi Ch Mahiri Retta´s Shalimar Fi Ch Arvis Iris Garden Ch Heshima Ya Kimba Energy of Red Ch Karoskloof Bayezana Naka/Ch Heshima Ya Kimba Chakanyuka
Ch Iris z Lukovskeho Dvora Ch Adam z Bledeho Udoli/Cindy z Lukovskeho Dvora
Fi Ch Mbwasimba Marudi Lingana Ch Duméla Ra Leo Ch Wyndrunhr´s Inyangani Jasper/Ch Parih´s Ghana-Chalice
Ch Mbwasimba Malabari Tamba Ch Globe Ca-Abi Reign on Teaser/Ch Globe´s Malabari Chuma

Simba: All dogs in this pedigree  hip A except Australian Ozrhode Ari Mystic Fate and his parents; not shown, and Witches Lecreme´s Trick hip B

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