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Fi*Galene's Cotton Eyed Joe "Joe"

OSH b24 var

born 8.12.2013

Fi*Skazki Waltar OLH a 25-Fi*Galene's Autumn Girl OSH b 03 24

temporarely neutered with suprelorin


Joe had such a lovely temperament, he is friendly, selfconfident and also calm. My affection to him came stronger after hand, and I thought it would be nice to have something to continue also from Chisu. He is very talkative, but has a scilent sound. If he will be used for breeding can only future tell. I am in no hurry. Maybe I can find a queen from some interesting lines in the future, we'll see.

He has the best ears of the kids and he is one of the 4 that is without any white. As there was a risk Poju could leave colourfaults, it is very interesting he produced four kittens without any white out of a highwhite female.

Joe has attended only one show so far as a kitten, and got exc and a secondplace in the judges best competition, but was not nominated.


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