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Fi*Galene's Blue Passion "Pamela"

SYS a 03 21 var

born 14.11.2013

Ch Fi*Skazki Waltari OLH a 25- Fi*Galene's All That Fire OSH o 03 24)

It was ment I to find a home for placement on breeding terms for Pamela but nobody had shown interest in her. But when I saw the connection she had with my son, I decided she would be his cat. Of coarse she will be on my name, as he is only 6years. Grandmother Pipa was somewhat of his cat, as he was smaller, they shared a connection right from the start. Soon after my descision to keep her I noticed she was pregnant, so it must have been some reason with that.

Pamela is very cute, she likes to ride on your shoulder, and lay on your lap. But she is also reasonable and calm. Her sister is usually "somewhere else" doing her own stuff, Pamela is where the humans and kids are. Her specialty feature is heardressing. She likes to do that on guests also. She also keeps you company when you are on the toilet.

I think she has nice looks, with strong chin. She is a strong girl also. Her eyes are lighter blue than on her sisters. But she is also a blue tabby, and I think they have a special colour on their eyes, her dad Poju has almost a tuquoise shade in his green eyes. Her tabby seems to be ticked.

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