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Fi*Galene's Bacardi Breezer "Lovise"

SYS p 03 var

born 14.11.2013

(Ch FI*Skazki Waltari OLH a 25- Fi*Galene's All That Fire OSH o 03 24)

Lovise has got her name from Ronja Robber's Daughter's mom who is Lovis. She was the real mysterygirl in the litter. There was something very odd with her colouring, first I thought she was a tabby, as all the others. But nope, no tabby here, the first nonetabby in my breeding.  And she has white, in her face, her feet and a ring on her tail. She has an elegant body, long tail, she is not very large (compared to her big sister Pamela) and she has a totally different headtype, also very elegant. She has not very extreme ears, they could be set lower. But else, a lot to like about her. And she has deep blue eyes. She don't look as the others=) She is very light in colour, yes she is a fawn, but she looks a bit like cream, not just white.

She is funny in temperament, very playful and always doing something on her own, she is a bit of a lonly rider you could say. On the judge's tale she has been playful, with a bit of her father's features.  She was a keeper as soon as her colour started to show.


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