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Fi*Galene's Dianella Longifolia "Nella"

OSH r 02 var

born 15.12.2015

PRA neg from parentage

Nella is a harlequin girl, that is a little bit longer in hair than her van sisters. I have sent tests to Australia for longhair and cinnamon/chocolate. Of coarse I hope she is a fawn, as she is registered. There are probably not many fawn tortie harlequins around. As smaller she had a very clear heart on her side, it is not so clearly showing now.

She is a brave and nice girl, a bit stronger in bone than her sisters, so I think she can grow into reasonable size. She has lighter eyes than her sisters, her pupils have always been showing very strongly, I must say it will be interesting to see what colour they develope into! She always keeps staring at me, and I get a creepy feeling she has my mom's eyes;)

I think she may be the other keeper in the litter. There was already in my first litter some harlequins, but they did not make it...


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