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Fi Ch Mahiri Retta's Sashka Gold "Armi"

Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Full scissorbite

a bit offset ridge, was born as onecrown, but the other appeared when the first puppyfluff fur changed

Sashka lived at our house in Naantali until about 2 when she started to fight together with her littersister Shalimar.

She later moved to Kirsi who changed her name to Armi after Armi Kuusela, the Finnish Miss Universum=)

Armi lives a happy life among cats, dogs and horses. Kirsi finnished her championship and xrayed her as part of the agreement with rehoming.

Armi was very allergic while living with us and had problems with yest in her ears and licking between her toes.

But I undestand they got it under control in her new home.


Sashka is a dog that always enjoys a good nap and she is very calm. But she also get her crazytimes and she loved being in the showring showing off from the irst time she entered a ring at 4 months=)


She is a dog i loved so much that I had to keep her, but sadly she and her sis did not come along as adults, so I had to separate them. But i feel in my heart she is in the right place, living a happy life, just as she deserves.



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